Give voice to your memories.
StoryDog is a personal service for recording and preserving stories shared with family and friends. Sign up to call your private number and capture your story. StoryDog records, renders and archives your voice into text to keep it with your recordings and pictures forever. Get started in 3 easy steps…

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Frequently asked questions
-Is there a cost to use StoryDog?
Yes, the monthly service fee is $8.00 or $89.00 billed annually which includes 10,000 stories
-What is the refund policy? 100% satisfaction or 100% refund?
We want you to be so happy that you refer us to your friends and family.
- Are my stories kept private?
Yes, you control with whom you share your stories.
- How do I record a story?
Call your private StoryDog phone number and begin talking ... it's super easy.
- How much time do I have to record a story?
Each story can be up 60 minutes, you may record 10,000 stories. Need more? Call us.
- How does the phone call become text?
StoryDog uses specialized computer software to translate the phone call to text.
-May I organize my stories into groups or topics?
Yes, after a story is translated,StoryDog allow you to tag a story with keywords.
- May I attach photographs to a story?
Yes, you may add visual context by uploading photographs to each story
- Is there a mobile app?
- May I cancel my account?
Yes, we'll be sad to see you leave and we will send you a copy of your stories.
- I'm interested or have questions; can I talk to you?
Yes, please call us: 484-402-4901 or email: